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What is your Source of Happy-ness?

Hey folks,

I hope you all are doing really well. Okay, so can you answer the question that I have already asked up there? What is your bite of happiness? I really want you to answer this, if not to me then to yourself atleast and that too now, before going any step forward.


So, you know your answer now? I really hope so! Everyone has their own bite of happiness, some look for one in their lover, some in their job, some in college, some in friends, some in family, some in money and there is an endless list to this. And I know maybe you are also the one who is looking for your happiness in one such thing.


Well, please don’t get me wrong here but, can you just tell me that is it really okay to rely upon someone else(it can be anything from that another person in your life to that goal which you always wished to be fulfilled) for the thing that belongs to you. Is it? Are you doing justice to yourself? I mean you never know that about how much time this thing that is giving you happiness, for now, is gonna stay in your life, maybe just for that very next month or day or hour or minute or even  maybe for that very next second.

what is happiness

So, what you gonna do now when they already left you alone? If you are planning to cry for that, it’s okay, you need to get that disappointment out of yourself, but if you are planning to be sad about it like for forever then I am sorry but there is nothing that can be done about your situation unless you tell yourself that any kind of thing is not worth of your holding up on them.

True that

And out of all, there is something you need to learn “No one in this world has that much right to hold the key to your happiness, it’s the thing that you hold inside yourself; get everything which makes you sad out of your life and let this key open up that gate to happiness!”

<3 <3

Happiness is your inside job, practice it daily! 🙂

Have a nice day. Take care 🙂

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