What do You Want to Become When You Grow Up?

What do you want to become when you grow up? Ummm, a teacher, a doctor, a scientist, an astronaut! Just kidding, I was never too brilliant to have any one of them as my career option! Anyway, what was yours?

Happy Children’s Day! I know this is quite late, to post something on children’s day, but I am sorry, I don’t believe in celebrating such prosperous occasions on particular dates. Okay! I was busy traveling, or maybe doing some other stuff that day! Never mind.

Moving forward, at this cute juncture of children’s day I remember, when being a kid, I so much wished on becoming a grown-up. Everybody does that, I guess, right? But now, after all these years, as we stand here, into our shoes of responsibility, those days of joy certainly look like a dream that passed away too soon.

Children's Day

Is it really true? Is there absolutely no way left to live our childhood once again? Ummm, Not Really!

Okay, do not consider me mad, you obviously cannot go back to your good old days and relive them. But you can be here, in your present and make it as much joyous and carefree as it was, at that time.  Need not to worry as this is not going to include spending all your money over adventurous activities and else, although you can do that if you want to(*wink*).

Well, here are some of the things that you, me or anyone else can do, in order to bring that wild, youthful spirit back! So, dear grownups, keep your brains at rest for a while, as this journey is going to bring some adventurously blissful changes in your life, and mine too. Let’s enjoy it together!

Fake it till you make it: Remember yourself on being amazed upon every superhero, about how they manage to save the world from every kind of danger? Agree to it or not, but at that time you actually were sure about superheroes’ existence, weren’t you? Well, I was! I used to believe in Santa Claus(*grin*), I still do! So this is the time you should start doing that again, with the only difference in replacing some masked superhero with yourself. Fight the odds and make your life fun!

Children's day

No one is watching you: Half of our life is stuffed with the crap of “Log kya kahenge?(What will people say?)”. Not only does this thing stop us from choosing favorite jobs or studies but also restricts us from living our lives in our own way. About kids, they don’t care about people they never did, you never did while being a child, then why now!? Let go off all the boundations! Dance, laugh, talk, read, walk, run, do whatever you want, because there is no one stopping you. And do remember, “Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai Kehna(People would talk, as they are meant to do the same.)”

Children's Day

Hello Hobby: “Hey Kid, what are your hobbies?” Each one of us knows this question, right? This was asked by almost everyone, to the answer of which we had a long list of enjoyable activities. Not sure about you, but I used to burp all of the pleasing activities out. Can’t remember which among them, I actually enjoyed the most!(*raised eyebrows*) Enough of this, the main point here is to get involved in your favorite activity, no matter whether it be painting, singing, dancing, coloring, writing or whatever. Give your hobby a new life!

Children's Day

These things may sound a way too much childish to do, but remember, that’s what you want to become, a child, enough of maturity now! Oh, and yes, no excuses would be entertained! Thank you and see you real soon!

Also, do not forget to comment your answer to the very first question asked here. Have a good day 😊

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