The end

The only Fact of Life!

You know what is that only biggest truth on this earth, which no one can ever walk away from? Death! I know, you know that, everyone knows that. But still, how afraid we actually are on even talking about this, when we know that at some point of time we all have to leave, obviously no one is here for forever.

Am I talking divine? Oh God, Please don’t get any negative vibes out of it, I seriously don’t have any such bad intention on writing over this post. It’s just that, this train tragedy which took place last week in Kanpur, India left me in so much shock that I couldn’t help but feel sad and write about it. And I don’t even know if it is okay to talk over such things here, but you know I just wanted to, you can take it as a tribute to those who lost their life, their families, their happiness and just.. everything!

According to the reports it is believed that around 129 people got killed in this (This ‘killed’ word might seem you weird here, well this is being used here because they say it all happened because of the carelessness of the head of railway, but I don’t really have any one to blame for this, but destiny.) How silently our destiny plays over a game with us, No? I mean you just never know which journey would prove out to be the last one and will take you so much far away from your entire close and loved ones. Seriously, you never know when God will get in mood of giving your book of life, The End.

You know what, actually the thing which comes out from all of this discussion is that if we are actually aware of the fact that any other moment could be our last one, then why don’t we just stop being sad about things, why don’t we just stop fighting with the people around us and why don’t we just practice of being happy and embrace life? Don’t you think, we should be really thankful for this day today, for the well-being of our family, ourselves?

Well, I hope you get a nice thought out of it and this will bring out that positive change in your life. Have a nice day, Take care.

Last turn
Embrace Life and smiles <3

2 thoughts on “The only Fact of Life!

    1. Haha! Not really though, maybe this is just about the experiences life brings onto us. Some use them to move along in life, some make people learn through them. Both are good in their own way. Anyways, thank you so much for stopping by. It really means a lot! ☺️☺️

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