Shoo the Demotivating Mode Away!

You know the motivation thing, right?

Yes, that only thing which makes it pretty easy for you to work through any kind of odds on the road to your goals or destination and thus make the best out of it. Seriously, there is nothing on this earth that could feel as much good as making your hard work pay off and that too with really good results.

But you know despite of those days when you feel your inner-self filled up with that unique energy of desperation to reach your goal, there are also some of the moments where you can go like, “I just want to quit now.”, which just makes you feel like too much stuck or maybe puzzled, from everywhere, this making you unaware of what to do next.

And there you know that something is actually going wrong somewhere. No, not with people around, but with your inner self, and so this is when you got to figure out a perfect solution to the problem.

By the way, before taking any step forward it is important in here to notice that feeling demotivated or nervous about taking next step is just completely normal. There are many people out there who feel the same, including also the one who is writing this article, seriously!

So, now the question is, what can we actually do while getting through this kind of complication. Well, according to the research and different people’s experiences, there are some of the ways which can actually prove out to be of help to people like me, maybe. No, seriously, if not one, then another method would surely get the issue solved. What are you waiting for now, go on and give them a look:

Break time – Do you remember, how during our school times we used to eagerly wait for the recess, so as to brush off the whole of the load or tensions away from our mind and thus get it properly refreshed, obviously, which means, getting ready for studying other subjects! And not only about schools, this is totally normal in the cases of even that college student or any office employee. Basically, everyone at some point of life or at some point of its way towards goal needs a “Break” and so is the case with you, because you are not a robot. Okay!?


Don’t Overthink – You know how at some point we all get on that thing of bringing out our best. Oh, but at that moment we are not thinking about whether the step is for our well-being or not. No, because that time we are just too much desperate to make people like us and being not able to fulfil the same we start feeling demotivated or depressed! And you know what, this is normal. All of us feel that way, maybe not once or twice, maybe just every day. But this is wrong, yes obviously it is! Everyone must really learn that the main motive of everyone is actually keeping those steps simple because making them get complicated is only going to prove out as injurious to your own goal.


But you can’t quit – While starting over with the road leading one towards their dream, there is that “Why”, which gives them a strength to do the same, no matter it at first seems like. But you know, walking over on such roads is never been easy and so, is the case with everyone, there is so much that they go through, whether it be calling a workload or maybe some stress or maybe just anything that can easily make people get off of the track. You might also be the one! So, at this point, you have to take a look little back and reconsider your WHY, and this time just hold it tightly and do not let it go.


Baby steps: Where many of people are already walking on that path of making their dream come true, there are also some of those who are just standing there deciding about whether to take any step forward or not. Though, fear of newbies can actually be considered as relevant here but what about those who are already on the way. Okay, so, here is the thing. There are times when everyone while looking over at the goal, makes a note of those different steps that he/she have to make their way through, which sometimes, make them get overwhelmed and thus demotivated. But, what one should actually learn here is that instead of focusing over all of them, just mark them with priority and then take a step forward with proper planning.


Self-Inspiration: Okay, this is what we can call as that most important tool towards working over on the goal. Seriously, there is nothing on this earth that can be considered as much effective as getting inspired by yourself. No matter how many motivational videos or sessions you are attending for making that desire take a rise inside, remember that if you yourself is not ready for the work and not pushing yourself to work on your goal, then there is nothing which can make you work on same. So, inspire yourself, daily!


Get it done: If any of the points mentioned above are not making any difference in your feeling than know that it is nothing, it is just nothing. You know you want to do it, then just do it, no matter what your inner-self is yelling, force yourself to get it done but bring on the result out. At last, this is only for your own betterment.


I am sure, the points mentioned above, would anyhow, just in any way, help you out to get out of that depressing or demotivating mode and thus make you get back on the track as same it did to me.

Yes, to make a notice here, I was also on that off going mode for a while and now anyhow trying and working on getting myself get back on the road to freedom and happy life.

Anyway, All the best to you people <3

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