Serial Watcher!

Oh Yes I am! 😀

There are so many English series I have heard about but “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. OH Man! I cannot even think of my life without this one and I am sure there are many more out there carrying that same feeling for this series.


Each and every single personality in this series can drive a person with so many emotions altogether 😉

In addition of those laughs they have also taught us many lessons on living and struggles. Hey, Why don’t we get a quick recap on each one of them, just once 😀

Can we start it with Ross! 🙂

Ross Geller!


Older brother of Monica geller is always seemed to be pampered and preferred over his sibling and also a palaeontologist who is over sensitive about life and not so much lucky about having a wife 😛 Dude, he got three times divorced before turning to 30.

Oh! I feel so bad about him 🙁 He deserves love, he surely do! 😐

Hey, how can we forget to add about marcel with ross, one who drew little more attention doing that crazy stuff 😀

We Love You MArcel <3

Rachel Green!


One who had never been to tough side of life before she knocked over to Monica after rushing off from her wedding with Barry (Yes, she did it right. I am so proud of her B|)

This was the decision which made it possible for her to find herself although working at a restaurant was not really a great job but at least she managed to make her living and totally earns respect.

Basically, lesson for every girl – Finding yourself is more important than finding your life-partner.

Monica Geller!


Being a younger sister of Ross, she was always less preferred over her sibling by her mother which she has been through all her childhood.

But the big and interesting thing is that now she can be seen as an independent girl who is so much confident and lovable and moreover who is always proved out to be a very good and supportive friend always and forever. Seriously, what everyone wishes is to have a friend like her <3

Joey Tribbiani!


One, who is totally a struggler and is mostly dependent upon his friend Chandler for most of his resources,. He is always seen to exhibit as a person who is mostly worried about women and food and have to nothing about his career.

Basically he is the one whose life was not even near to a “P” of “Perfect”.

Phoebe Buffay!


Girl with guitar is found to be so much enthusiastic about life and that too after all of those hardships that she has experienced all through her growing years.

She is always found doing what she loves to and singing is also one of those and “Smelly Cat” is among her most famous tracks. Moreover, she always speaks truth and  can do anything for her friend’s happiness.

Lesson for everyone – Follow your Passion!

Chandler Bing!


Or you can also call him “King of Sarcasm” 😀

Guy who has also been through a lot in his childhood days that includes divorce of his Mom- Dad grows up to be a successful IT procurement manager and continued. His sense of humour always lightens him as a centre of attraction and an apple to every eye 😛

Totally best of all <3

Here I am adding one more character – Janice Hosenstein.


Only because I loved her “OH—————MY——————-GAWD”

LOL! 😀

Awwww! I love them I love them I love them……. Continued!

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