OOH! SnapGram!!

Changes do interest a lot, whether it be any! No?

Instagram seems to be not too much satisfied with their 500 million (approx.) active followers and so are working towards adding more of the new features into it and dubbed Instagram stories is one of them.

Insta Story

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Hanging onto the top of feed bar, this feature allows people to share their daily stories with all of the respective followers which will automatically be removed after 24 hours. Well, if you are one of those frequent Snapchat users, then this Insta story part is totally not your game.

Although alike snapchat one can draw on their photos or videos or can even apply giant emoji on top of them and also there is not any likes or comments kind of thing on Instagram stories but there are still some of the limitations which does not make it stand against Snapchat e.g. hilarious filters with animal faces which according to my judgement is loved by many. ME too! πŸ˜€

Here are some of the pictures featuring Insta story, have a look:

This one is a screenshot from drawing area presenting 2 different sizes of brushes.

Small One!
Big One!

And also one with neon (my favorite) πŸ˜€



Now, talking about the filters; Insta stories provide 6 different filters with certainly minor difference among them as you can see in these pictures below.

PicsArt_08-03-02.44.05 PicsArt_08-03-02.44.43

I actually loved this new feature as now I don’t have to have one more application installed in my phone just for little more fun. :p

But, dear Snapchat! No offense, I love you too <3

And tech people, jump on to for more information on Insta Stories. πŸ™‚

Take care & enjoy Snapchat + Instagram = Snapgram πŸ˜‰

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