Okay, This is Important!

Hey there!

Okay, I first of all welcome myself back after, what, maybe 5 days or so! Damn, I am such a lazy lad(I can say that right?) 😛 . Anyways, this is not really about being lazy, but about the website registration, just too much caught up with that work for now. I wonder how I always come up with some new or maybe repeated excuse to just wave my worries about not being able to post consistently off. Is this what they call procrastination? I guess so! But I was not actually procrastinating; it is just that I was suffering from that writer’s block thing, see I told you I am getting good with excuses. I so much need to stop this! 😛

Anyways, mean it up! And accept my apologies for not being consistent. Though, I have something interesting in my pocket for you today 😀 Excited? No? It’s okay, I understand. But you need to be excited about this, okay! 😛

God, Am I using so many of emoticons today? 😐 They say, your post do not sound that professional if you use so many numbers of emoticons in your post! Is that so? Infact, among so many numbers of people whom I got in conversation(I mean chatting) with till date, there are many of those who don’t even care to bother those smileys in their keypad.

No offence, alright! But seriously like, how can you even think that a person on the other side would be happy talking to you if you don’t use smileys. Use them, they are kept there for being used and don’t worry this is not going to take extra data off from your internet pack, infact this is going to help you out by saving your time from typing any other extra word. Get that? Why am I getting so much focused on that thing? I need help! 😛

So, this is what you had in your pockets to serve people with!?

No No No No! This was just, you know, it’s weird if you don’t use emoticons in your chat. Try to ignore that upper part of this post! I know you won’t 😉 Obviously, I just made it easier for you to get more and more people fall in love with your way of chatting. Though, it is not that important a part, but anyways! 😀

Okay, now without further ado let’s move over to the actual thing that I need to talk about here. What was that! Oh yes! Do you believe in Ghosts? What? I am serious, Tell me! Okay, if you are looking forward to find my answer on this, I would say… Umm… Yes and No! Yes, when my brother makes me watch some haunted video or maybe I get to read some article which is related to someone’s real life experience about same and No when I am watching those so called “Horror Movies”, as it is always like we cousins have that unique talent to make fun out of it 😀

So, basically, if you are afraid of watching horror movies, then you should try it with us first. Trust me there could be nothing on this earth which would be as much interesting as this experience. Though, this truly doesn’t mean that I am inviting you to have a movie date with us cousins here 😉 Or maybe we can, if you buy us a ticket! 😀

Well, okay I know you, the one who is reading this must be like:

What the hell are you talking about?

So people, all I can say is that this piece of writing here is something you can categorise as that refreshing post, I mean if it really did that same thing for you and not made you feel irritated. C’mon, you don’t always need to get motivated, sometimes it’s okay to read something which would waste your time and just smile 😉 Smiles are important! <3

Oh and yes, it’s an Army and Wikipedia day today! You know how important role they both really play in every one of our lives. So, Happy Army day and also Happy 16th birthday to Wikipedia! 🙂

Cya people! Take care! And do tell me if you like this post or ended up getting your time wasted, though I know you love it 😉 But still, I want you to tell me, okay? 😉

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