Okay, a Quick Recap!

Aaaaand here we are, just 3-4 days away from starting over that new book of our lives. Exciting! No? I know it is. 😀

But obviously, as we move a step forward to cherish the beginning of next year, it is for no doubt mandatory to give this year (2016), a flashback and know about how actually this year from beginning to the end made us grow.


So, talking about mine there is totally nothing on this earth which can be as much good as this year has been to me (well, maybe traveling can :D). From the girl who was happy being in her comfort zone, this year shaped me to the one with bigger of dreams and more of the courage to make them come true, no matter what risks are coming over in there.

Though, I was always in love with travelling but this year just made me go mad for it, I mean it’s like if one (anyone) hands over a free ticket to me, I’ll not even think twice to get out of here and feel the pleasure which travelling holds within.

Bye bye

Oh yes! How can I miss about my growing love for books 😀 Yes, 2016 made it possible for me to finally make my desperation for reading books come true. Yayyy! <3 Okay, so I read two of the books for now namely “The Girl on the train by Paula Hawkins” and also “Everyone has a dream by Savi Sharma”, and you know what both of them are just amazing, I mean in case you didn’t read any one of them 😛 (I know there are many of those good readers out there).


In case you are wondering about why only two books in the whole complete year, then let me tell you that I just started this thing of reading in September and it took me almost a month to complete my first book. So, I was almost at the end of October by then with another book in hand; luckily I completed it reading within some number of days and you know what, there could be nothing on this earth which can compete this happiness of mine as I finally got to learn to fight with my weaknesses.

Okay, moving forward I actually have three more books in my stack already stored for reading (no, I am not going to tell you the names 😛 like for now), but I don’t know about when they will be actually completed, I hope I’ll do it soon, oh well, this is not going to stop me from buying more of them 😉

And I think it would be okay to disclose that this year I also left my soul-sucking job and started over working on my own, as a freelance writer and it’s kind of fun, obviously it is (though I wish I get more of the projects to work on 😛 ) <3

Good job

What this year made me learn?

Well, it’s pretty easy 🙂 So, this year actually made me learn these things:

  • Not everything that seems perfect is actually perfect. So, this is the time that you make it one.
  • You should try everything, just everything that you aspire to.
  • If some gate doesn’t open, then know that it’s not meant for you.
  • No matter what the condition is, always stay positive and happy because no matter what, this dark phase is not going to be here forever.
  • Share smiles and happiness with people.
  • Never ruin the moment which you are experiencing at the present. This is not going to repeat again. e.g. You wanted to get at your friend’s party but your family just told you to stay with them and it’s important, well every normal person at this moment would be totally annoyed. But you know what this is not something you should act like here! You are not there in the party because you were not meant to be, so don’t ruin up your mood and enjoy the present moment. Remember, it’s not going to get repeated.
  • Take risks!
  • Fight with your fears and weaknesses.
  • People are going to say some bad stuff, but never ever allow that crap affect you!
  • Never ever depend on people for something. If you want to get something, go get it and that is it. If it is meant to happen then it would happen. okay?
  • People who love you are going to stay, and who don’t would not even care.
  • Dream more.

Ummmm…..!!! okay, I think I am done with mine and now it’s your turn! So, tell me via comments about what this year brought up to you and how it changed your life for better?

And hey, you know what I love this changed me, infact I am proud of myself <3 You should be too … I mean on yourself 😛

Take care and stay happy! 🙂


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