Now is a Time to Fight Back!

Hey everyone! I hope each one of you is doing well. 🙂

Anyways, have you read my last post? If not, then you got to read it now “And you call us Safe!?” because this article is somehow a part of that article. So, I recommend you to just have a look till the end, as it would make it easy for you to understand this one.

Okay, now as you know that in my previous post I had mentioned about the rules which most of the families and children go through, putting on that negative or discriminating effect over to them. Also I had mentioned about asking people to stop such things and treat every child equally. But do you think, this is really going to work out? I don’t think so! Why?

Umm, do you know about, since how much long this crime is been in reports? Looking over the reports from history, what I could actually estimate is that this crime came into light in late 14th century (this may not be the correct date, so if you really want to look over the details you can Google for same) and since then, there is no full stop. Not at all!

So, basically this is the thing which makes me believe in the proverb saying “A dog’s tail is crooked forever (Kutte ki dum, tedhi ki tedhi)”. And so, No I seriously don’t think that people now or in future would be doing something better for making girls live as same the way as they really want to.

So now, what you are actually trying to conclude here, Shifali?

Oka, have you heard this saying:


I am sure you must have heard or read this already somewhere. And if you understand this, then you must already be knowing about what I am actually trying to conclude here. Got it?

Yes, it’s a high time! And this is us, the girls who will make this change happen and thus fight for our own safety and well-being. No, this is not something which only is meant to be done by some particular community of girls but every one of us!

Why? Because none of us is safe, literally! You already know, that we are not going to be sitting at our homes forever, we have to go out, out of our comfort zones, maybe for our jobs or our studies or it can be anything. No matter how safe the area is being considered, you never know when such beasts will just appear from nowhere and start attacking you! No, you cannot call people for help. Why?


Oh yes! This is what our society is! And no, you cannot even call for help to your brother or friend, there is no sense to it, because by the time they will reach the place, there would be something bad already happened and all you would be having is a reason to cry and feel helpless about.

So, basically this is all upto you.


And, how can this be done?

A short and simple answer “Self Defence”! I know you are smart enough to know that but now is a time to bring this in action. You know there are many of those techniques and also the products which can be looked upon when it is about girl’s safety such as:

  • Pepper Spray
  • Stun Guns
  • Knives
  • Police Supplies and many more!

And also following this there are many of those martial art techniques which one can give a try to so as to protect themselves from such jerks.

So, girls this is the time, lets fight for ourselves, lets carry these products in our purse or bag all the time no matter where you go and which time you go, let’s get ourselves signed up in Martial arts training centre.


And here is a request to each and every boy and family out there to please make your sister, your daughter, your friend or even your mother to join Martial arts, so that hey can become capable of fighting for their own safety.


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