Not Jobless Anymore!

Girl with Dreams – Part II



Each of her friends, already placed in pretty good companies were now lingering for their offer letters to come while she was still longing for a job. Unfamiliar with her thoughts and interests, she that time, just had that profound desperation to get a job which made her to get upon all those conditions that can bring her a job. She posted her resume everywhere, she even looked up for the opportunity on social media sites and then one day, finally she got a call.

A call from a company which in anyway could not be called as that MNC but was good enough to let her desperation get fulfilled. “I am having an interview tomorrow”, running all around the house she was shouting these words like any other 5 year old kid, who is excited about his new toy to come. She got up early that day, praying for her interview to go well and finally got ready. Bus was late that day or maybe she missed the one, but anyhow she reached there, at the venue. Standing outside of the room, what she was wishing for is to get selected, and then.

After one hour, when she finally got out of that room, there was that unique spark riding over her face, making her inner soul dance like a pro. Getting out of that place, she was only searching for that solo room to throw her excitement out with words, though it was completely visible in her eyes and finally she got the one(no doubt, it was a washroom 😛 ). “I am not jobless anymore.” She screamed as much louder as she could and whispered to herself “Now, I don’t have to feel ashamed in front of my friends, family and relatives.”

But was that the real  happy world, where she actually belonged to?


Aren’t many of us doing the same thing? Aren’t we allowing these silly desperations to take our inner peace away from us? Don’t we need to think about this, once again?




P.S- Hello there, sorry for posting this part one day late. I hope you liked it. 🙂 And new readers do make sure to read Part I of story to understand this better.

Have a nice day, take care <3

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