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Need to seek for help!

Be brave enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.

Okay, so this is about today, my father and brother were looking over the videos where a buffalo, left alone got stuck between these tigers and which as a result brought him nothing but death, though he tried over to get out of their trap, but all in vain.

Now, you must be thinking about why am I talking over the thing which only at the end brings on the image of getting beaten off by the problem, and that too at the very beginning of an article. That is the thing, this is just a beginning, the story is not over yet, so read on.

As they finished watching that video, there was that small discussion, which brought on something amazing at the end. Have a look:

Father: Buffaloes are like that only; they cannot save themselves from tigers. Tigers are always more powerful. (P.S – My father is not that negative, though, it was just a matter of discussion, you know everyone at that time comes up with some different points.)

Brother: If Buffaloes started living with that thing in mind, then there would not be anyone of them we could see there in the world.  (You know, listening to this, I actually felt proud of my brother.)

So, if you are smart enough, obviously like me (Humour alert), then you already must have got some idea, on what I am actually focusing over here. Okay, I know it was just two sentence conversation, I told you already 😛 And it’s okay if you didn’t understand the point which pinched off my mind listening that second statement. I’ll let you know 🙂

Moving over, let’s assume that tiger in the story described above as a problem and buffalo as you (which totally doesn’t mean that you are a buffalo, unless you believe so #humour alert). And now, go up there, and read over that story again.

You know what I am pointing to. Right?

Okay, now here comes that next point. You know, everyone says, infact it is not less than a cliché statement now, that “Every problem has a solution” or “No matter what kind of problem you are facing, for now, it is just gonna end”. If this statement is correct, then why is that buffalo there in the story, who actually also fought for his life, left defeated at the end? Any idea?

Here is the thing! You know, problem never comes with a #problemalert signal, but yes they do come up with size, which clearly signifies about the size of team which you need to get over it. That is a fact! For instance, looking over that story for one more time, if there was that big cluster of buffaloes, then maybe that one buffalo would not have lost his life there, maybe he with other of his companions would have defeated tigers. Isn’t it?

And so is the case with your real life problem, yes, there are some problems that you cannot fight with on your own, you need someone. Always remember that you cannot always manage to move alone, there are times when you can find that need to have someone along with you, which can help you get through that problem, so do not hesitate to ask for one. Believe that it is going to be worth it.

Though, I agree there are some people who would not be available to help you out, so what? You know what you got to do! Move on and look for more, this world is filled up with good people, sooner or later you are going to meet them. Just move with little of faith in yourself and sometimes people too. 🙂

Seek help
Okay? 🙂

I hope I am clear with my intention of making you learn the need to seek for help here. Know that, this tough time is going to end, okay? Look for the people who can help you, learn from them, learn more and succeed.

If you think there are more of your friends or relatives, who need to know what this post is talking about, then please do share this post and let them know that you care for them 🙂

Happy Reading people. Take care!

Oh by the way, this is my 50th post in here! Yayy 😀

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