Meet this Next Name to Bravery!

All of us at different steps of life get to face different problems. Agree?

Some of us get to survive while some of us just freak out. Agree?

And this problem built anxiousness may sometimes lead one to commit some serious crime. Agree?

But is this really worth it? No. Obviously not! That tiny chunk of some idiotic difficulty is not that powerful to lead your self-confidence go away.

You’ll always meet problems is life, if you can handle it well, it will make you stronger!

Always remember that there is not any such problem on this earth which doesn’t have some solution to get out of it. I know I am not that big to tell you about this but you gotta believe me after reading this story of a nineteen-year-old beautiful girl. Let’s get it started!

This is a story of a girl from Uttar Pradesh, based in Mumbai who was amazingly enjoying her teen years until something happened that flipped her life completely upside down. That day in 2014 this 17 years old girl was happily busy in preparation for an upcoming wedding when her brother-in-law and his friends mistakenly identified her as her elder sister (due to burqas) and threw acid all over her face. After this incident, this girl’s life was all confined in darkness as she was too much afraid to go out with her disfigured face, which also made her commit suicide once.

But as they say there is always a solution to every problem and so was in this case. This girl got to meet Ria Sharma, founder of Make Love Not Scars which was not less than a turning point in her life as she was now much more confident and was not at all afraid of the public.

She <3

Infact, she made a new identity out of her face and started making short videos featuring beauty tips and stuff. And now in 2016 this girl is proudly known as “Reshma Qureshi” who walked over the ramp at New York fashion week and completely stole that fashion show with her confidence and grace.

She <3

So, you need something more? If she can make it, then champ you are too much blessed to not give up and walk over the path of your dreams and face every problem with the smile on your face.

Good Quote

Make it Happen! 🙂

And inspired by Reshma Qureshi’s story we can’t deny with these words “Beauty doesn’t last forever, but beautiful personality does.” <3

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