Live life without Limits!

Hey fella,

So, how are you doing today? Well, I am hoping that the person sitting there on the other side of screen reading this is saying “Good” 😉

And if not, then maybe this can make you smile and make your day go good at last!

Smiling baby
Smile <3

Smiling, Hun! 😀 Mission accomplished.

Okay, now can I ask here that what you are upto? I mean, I know, infact I am sure that you are not any kind of normal person reading this post, you may be the one living with those dreams, those goals, those desires in your mind that you want to get fulfilled.

And maybe you are fighting hard too for the same, or I am wrong here? Haven’t you taken any step forward yet towards your goals or are you stuck somewhere or so much scared to move ahead? What is it? Let’s just forget this all and get to something better.


You always must have heard people saying “Know your limits” or “Don’t exceed your limits” or “Do not cross the line” and many others according to which one should not get out of their border of limits. Well, in some cases this can be applicable especially when they are told by a girl to a fellow guy or some other stranger (Lets stay on the topic.) but when these limits are told by your parents or friends or any other relatives and are connected to your dreams or your goal, that time just remember that what they all are saying is “Just an Illusion” and nothing else.

Be best

There is not any other person on this earth who is having any kind of limits, though everyone is living with the one or maybe two or maybe many more and thus which make them give up on their dreams.

Many of the dreamers, believed in their limits and end up doing something they never really wanted to.

If you want the same trust your limits, but if not then the only best thing that you can do to fulfil your goals or dreams is:


So, get up, don’t be scared and start moving. It’s not important to have everyone with you get convinced on your path of dreams because if you have faith in yourself you will get it done and those who were standing against you at the starting will now be there clapping and admiring you and your hard work.

Stay happy and do what you love! Take care! 🙂

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