Let’s take a challenge!

Can I start this article with putting that one simple question here in front of you?  Say Yes! Coz I am anyway going to ask this 😛

Okay, so what do you think of people who are doing great, I mean who are, you can say for now living your dream life, i.e. the one you always imagined or imagine of living one day? If you ask me, I would say that there was a time when I used to think that these people are just so much amazing and talented and worth of it and everything which can make them look like a God(it’s a big word though) in my eyes.

And maybe many of you are on that same track for now; obviously this is what human nature is all about. But is this really worth it?  Aren’t we indirectly making ourselves fall down a little? I mean, no doubt the people that reached at that point of success are great but not because they have that great blessing from God’s side or that they are carrying something magical inside them, it’s just because they worked for it and that is it.

And so is the thing which applies to your case, if you want it, work for it. This is quite a cliché thing to mention here though; everyone says the same thing, no? Can we just walk forward a little and think about how we can get this done? Well, okay so we know that whenever we are moving towards trying something new, it bring some changes, some transformations in our life, which is obviously not acceptable by each and every one. But here is the thing which can maybe of great help to you and convince you to get this change to become a part of life.

According to Mr Robin Sharma, a great great motivator and positive vibe to everyone’s life (how stupid I am, you obviously know that), one can get their life transformed within 66 days of life. Yes, you heard it right, no matter what thing you want to apply to bring change in your life, it will become your habit after this 66 days of challenge. Okay, before I utter any other word out, have a look at this video, I am serious, you got to watch this, like without wasting even a second.

Okay, now this was just the sample, Here is the complete video, if you like to, then proceed and click over Trust me, this is worth of giving your time to.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to take up this challenge? Or still swinging around that thing about whether you would be able to do or not? Actually you know what it’s totally okay to be feared but don’t let this fear of yours get a upon control all over your life and resist you from walking any step forward, atleast take a chance, Give it a try!

I think, I have said enough of my part and now it’s all upon you about how you want to take this. Hope you take that better way to choose your life and not your fears.

Have a nice day, Take care! 🙂


Well, Enough of inspiration, now you tell me that if you would ever dare to take such challenges than what would be the thing which you would love to do like for once and then forever?

Note: Hey there, somewhere in this post you may have felt that I am just being that second source to what Robin Sharma Sir said. But, let me tell you that this is all done to be that source of making you get connected with this inspirational video. I know many of you must be knowing this personality and maybe following him already but I just wanted to make sure that no one miss out this thing. So, I hope you like this.

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