Let’s make this Christmas more FUN!

Christmas Tomorrow! Wooohoooooooooooooo!! 😀

Hello sweets <3 What’s up? Yeah, I know everyone is so much busy with making their Christmas happening. True that? Okay, maybe not in everyone’s case, liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike me 😛 Why? Because we don’t really celebrate this festival in India (except Christians) or maybe we are just too much dumb to know anything about how can this be celebrated! But I love this festival (I wish I could celebrate this one too) 🙁 I love Christmas, I love Santa Claus, I love Christmas tree, I love everything eeeeeeeeeeee!!! 😀

I love christmas

Seems like I am just here to display all of my excitement out 😛 LOL! Anyways, what are you looking forward to Santa for this time? I mean, what do you want Santa to gift you this time? Obviously, this is what Christmas is meant for (apart from being this day as birthday of Jesus Christ), atleast for me it is! Oh, I just forgot you people are grown up now, right? You don’t believe in Santa anymore! It’s just a myth and nothing else, Right?

Like seriously, for whole of your childhood you had faith in this one thing which on every other Christmas eve made you to hang your sock on there by that chimney or your bed (okay, I used to do that 😛 ) in some hope that Santa will visit there and fill it up with some toys or maybe toffees. And now suddenly, you lost your faith because oh yes, you know your parents used to place those gifts there and not some Santa Claus, right?

Okay, obviously that is true! Your parents used to do that, they made you believe in something or someone which never really existed, they fooled you, like totally! But for what? Your happiness, your smile, that charm on your face which you used to get by receiving those gifts from your Santa. So, dear you, if they loved your smile so much that they were even ready to do some craziest thing for the same, then why not you?


I mean what’s wrong with fooling yourself for just one night and believe that some Santa Claus will come by and fill your stockings up with candies. And yes, though you will find nothing in your stockings next morning but atleast you will be satisfied that you lived your childhood again, which will bring nothing but a huge huge smile on your face 🙂 And you know what? That smile on your face will be the gift you received from your Santa this year <3 Need something else? Is there something really more important out there which costs more than that smile on your face?

So, no matter what condition you this time of year are actually swinging in, but I seriously want you to do this thing a try! Doesn’t matter if your parents actually kept some gifts besides your pillow at Christmas eve or not (Cuz mine didn’t, though if they knew about my craziness I am sure they must have done that), doesn’t matter if there is something happy you are actually having to think of from your childhood or not, you got to do this. This is the time when you have to learn to be your own sunshine, your own Santa! 🙂

Self five

See, I know this really doesn’t make any sense but what is really wrong with trying it once? Aren’t you the one who want to be happy? Obviously, everyone wants to! C’mon! Let’s act a little fool this Christmas 😉 What’s Say?

Wishing you all a very very happy Christmas! Ummm.. What? Doesn’t sound good, right? Okay, Merry Christmas guys <3 I hope you smile and smile more and live a happy happy life! 🙂

And yes, before you leave, a question for you “Why do people include new year wishes with Christmas?” I never get it, I mean it’s at the end of December when you can finally say that yes, now this is what we call an ending to the previous year and beginning to the new one. Then why to… I mean.., anyways I am only going to wish Merry christmas for now! Atleast this will get me back for New year post 😀 Stay happy guys <3 See you real soon 🙂


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