Leave Generation Gaps, Love your Parents!

Times Change, people change and so change the priorities!

Now and then!

And to prove this statement, nothing can be more convincing than the fact which says about how people beliefs nowadays are so much different from those belonging to the previous generation. Though none of them is really wrong about what they believe in, it’s all about time!

Here are some of the graphics featuring this generation gap between people now and then:

Generation gap

Everything on Facebook!


That “When I was your age” thing!
Find it there!

However, these pictures may look hilarious somehow! But there is that one thing which everyone should keep in mind.

There is nothing and no one out in that whole bad world which can give you better values or better lessons about life than your parents or any grown ups. Seriously nothing! not even that internet nor your friends.

No matter how annoying they behave sometimes, but the fact is that they love you and whatever they teach is only for your benefit! Stay by their side for forever like they did when you were a kid.

Embrace their love! You never gonna find that love again! <3

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