Learn to fight, with your odds!

Reading is something which we all really admire a lot, Right? And obviously, now as we are discussing about reading, you must have that name of your favourite book or current book waving around in your mind. You all are really good readers, but you know what, I am not.

Okay, are you thinking about why am I talking about totally different topic here? I mean, the title is saying to fight with your odds and I here is talking about reading. Well, let me tell you that there is a short story, bit long actually, okay mine actually, and I know you may not be interested in reading this, but it is shared just for the sake of making you learn something out of it and I hope I’ll be successful.

Now, let’s start this with… Ummm! Oh yes! I am not a good reader.

Yes! You read it so right; I am not a good reader.

  • Despite of the fact that how important role this reading plays in all of our lives, I am not a good reader.
  • Despite of the fact that how positive it can prove to me and my writings, I am not a good reader.
  • Despite of the fact that reading is the only thing which can help me get off my loneliness, I am not a good reader.
  • Despite of the fact that I am totally in love with that heavenly fragrance of books, I am not a good reader.
  • Despite of the fact that I always love to be there in libraries, surrounded with books, I am not a good reader.
  • Despite of the fact that I actually want to read them and feel the beauty of books, I am not a good reader.
  • Despite of the fact that I actually want to give my time to reading. I am not a good reader.

Woh! Pretty long list! Hun! But the question is still sticking there “why am I not a Good reader?” If I actually want to do this then why am I not a good reader, oh yes maybe because I don’t understand all those difficult words **so what you can use dictionary for same**, but using dictionary while reading, it will take so much time to complete the book,**Oh dude! But you just said you want to give your time to books and feel them, their beauty** Yah! But …..but…….but and sooooo here it is, a large number of buts added in the list. And now I think I actually know the answer, this is all because I love to procrastinate. I really do.


Okay, so this is the fight which I was going through since last one year, when I actually decided to read books. Frankly saying I didn’t even thought about reading books or novels before this one year, not at all, I was just stuck into something, I don’t know what it was and I don’t even care about it anymore.

Coming back to the last one year, since the day I thought of reading books, I am really like fighting hard with myself to take a book and complete reading it, atleast any one of all. And you know what, it happened, it really did. I read one whole complete novel titled “I too had a love story” by Ravinder Singh and ask me it was amazing, maybe you all already know that! Obviously everyone is a reader.

So, now, are you thinking about why am I talking about all this, I mean the book which almost everyone already read and everyone knows about, then why am I here, to review the book which is already been reviewed by millions of bloggers out there. Well, no, actually there was something wrong with that reading, I read it from Pdf.

Yes, and this is not what I really wanted, though I was really feeling so good after completing it and I was so much proud of myself but there was something, something missing. This was not what I wanted; I wanted to read a book, why? Because they say, books have that unique magic embedded inside them which can actually take you to heaven.

Books are magic
Books are magic <3

It is right actually! No? So, in this process of convincing myself to read a book, I even tried to read those novels of 10th and 12th standard (my brother’s), but failed. [Note: I tried it from my brother’s books because, I don’t want to just blow off money for something that I am not even sure of doing, no way, neither of us will do it.]

And since then, what I only had in my mind was “Damn! I am a terrible reader, I will not be able to read any book complete, I will not be able to experience that heaven, that paradise, I will never be having that desperation to get a book of my favourite author, and most importantly I am only going to live one life ‘mine’.”

No, this was not I wanted but this was the only thing which I had in my mind and so I thought of just stopping it here and let it go away. After that day whenever I got to see book stalls, one side of my mind used to say “No, you can’t, Move on.”, other side was like “But I am totally in love with them, please let me get them”, even sometimes I felt like books are talking to me saying “You always betray us, Go away.” This was sad!


But this was totally not, what I wanted! I wanted to read a complete whole book and which I did, Yes, the moment I decided to let all those negative energies go away, the moment I decided to get totally committed to the book I buy and that was when I got this new friend of mine (a book titled ‘The girl in the train’ by Paula Hawkins) who was constantly staring at me lying at the bookstall, to home.

Though, as I purchased this book, everyone with me (family members), were like, why the hell are you buying this, it’s of no use, you are just going to put this book into your cupboard, reserved, but I knew, I am making a right decision. So, I did it, I got it home and this is all about a month ago.

Well, the moment I purchased it I had no idea about what is going to happen with this book, I mean obviously I bought it to read but I was not so much sure about myself, though there was a part of me which was constantly screaming that “Yes, I’ll read this.” but there was also that another part which was saying, “Oh no! I am not going to let you do this.”

As I got home, it was bit late and there were guests too at home, so I decided to start this book whenever I am totally free for this. Then, next evening when I opened up this book to give it a start, trust me, after reading 2-3 lines I was like “Ok! I’ll read you tomorrow” and this continued for 4-5 days, though I always sat with this book on my laps but never really gave it a read.

And then suddenly, one day my brother asked me “what this book is all about”, as the first chapter of this book was reading “Rachel”(famous character from “FRIENDS”, you know how crazy guys are about her, some girls too :P), and that was the moment when I got to realize that I am doing it again, I am betraying this one too, this is not what I bought this book for, I have to read it, I need to read this and so I did it.

Yes, today I just completed my first ever novel (from book, oh yes with dictionary in another hand) and as I was swinging over the last chapter, I was like “Why is this book getting to an end?”, seriously it feels like you are losing a constant companion of yours. This book actually made me live three more lives and I enjoyed it like a pro.

However, it took around a month, to complete this but I am really happy that finally I did this, I worked over my commitment and fought with my odds, yes I did it. Now, the only thing I have in my mind is to get the new one and I really don’t know which one to buy so that which can make me captivated to it like till the day I don’t really finish it reading.

Well, here are some of the pictures of the moments I shared with my first book, I know it’s insane, but I don’t know I just want to, you know this is my first book and I love it. And so this is how, I actually fought with my odds, though it took some time but at the end I made it and I am really proud of myself for this.

Infact, we all have this habit of procrastination, and by “we all”, I actually mean “We all”, if not in reading then it may be some other work or thing which you must be ignoring or keeping now at a break and at last which results into never.

This is really wrong, one should learn to fight with their odds or fight with their practice of procrastination and do whatever they want to do, no matter what, as it results into a lot of satisfaction and happiness at the end. Also, one should truly give this reading thing a try, atleast once, it opens up those doors to endless knowledge and stories.

I hope I haven’t bored anyone of you with this long long post and please if you really have some ideas, then do tell me about which book would be the best to buy next, providing you with the hint “I am interested in reading mysteries and thrillers. Oh no, actually motivational too, actually love stories too, okay okay anyone, just tell me the name. 😛 ” I’ll be waiting for your ideas and feedbacks. Thank you and take care! 🙂

Do it now!
Do it now!

One thought on “Learn to fight, with your odds!

  1. Nice write-up 😊 Amazingly written.


    And do read Agatha Christie novels. Ek bhi pad li to thriller se pyar ho jaega.. to vo real life love story bhi ban jaegi. Stand-up-tri loves Agatha christie novels.

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