Last Two Days!

And it’s 2 October  today, which specifically means that we now bid a goodbye to September and wave Hi to October! 😀 I know you must be thinking about what is so much special about these two days of different months. 😉

So just to clarify you fellas; Dude, Last September means “I know you have been through so much, I know you were sad about your heartbreaks (or call it whatsoever), but now my mate October is getting you something special in its pockets, so Enjoy <3 ” and First October means “Hey you <3 Welcome to the festive season, Enjoy every festival to the fullest! 😀 ”.

Oh Yes! It’s festive season and there is nothing “I mean “NOTHING” on this earth that can make me more happy than this 😀 There is so much to enjoy, so much to admire, so much to share, so much to love… So Excited! <3

You can actually imagine me like this, for now 😀


You know what, this is the time you get to see those twinkling lights hanging outside of everyone’s home, you see people busy with all of those religious activities, you see them fasting for 9 days on the occasion of Navratri (i.e. nine nights dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga [P.S – It’s the second one today 😀 ]), you see that word “victory of good over evil” come true(When Raavan gets defeated by Ram Ji), you see Markets marvelously decorated and flooded with people shopping and enjoying, you see ladies with Henna(Mehndi) putted over on their hands, you see smiles, you see laughs, you see get-togethers and what not! <3 Oh Man! I am actually so much excited 😛

Anyways, leaving my excited talks behind let me show you how my month of festival got a start 😀

Okay, so here in our society we (all of the society members) tend to organize a Jagrata (Mata ki chowki) i.e. one complete night dedicated to thank the holy mother for all of her blessings and we actually do it every year, so basically one can say that this Jagrata marks the beginning of festival season! That eventually means that I enjoyed my first day of this special month by being there 😀

Maybe these pictures can help you level my feeling of being excited 😉

Jai Mata Di
Jai Mata Di <3
Jagrata <3

I know you like it! Don’t you? 😀

Not to worry, I’ll be updating you with every other occasion and if in any case I happened to forgot, my excitement will get me here and post about it definitely <3

Have a nice day, take care! 🙂

And yes, sorry for overloading this post with emoticons 😛 Oops!

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