Karma will get you, My Friend!

Karma is a big thing! No?

Seriously I mean, no matter what you do either good or bad you’ll get it served back and dude, without any mistake! HaHa! Cool! Isn’t it?

And here, when we took a topic about Karma, how can we just miss the most trending “Brangelina” thing 😛 [Caution: Strictly for Jennifer Anniston fans] Oh yes, I am the one! 😉

The Internet seems to be flooded with the news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting their ways parted and Jennifer fans have just trolled it using her GIFs, although maybe she doesn’t even care about the news but her fans are like.

YEah Baby

And obviously, there is every valid reason to do that!

They are like so much excited about the news, that they filled over the twitter with different posts having Jennifer’s Gif files and you know what, they are hilarious! You must must must give them a glance once! I bet you wouldn’t be able to help yourself laughing watching this 😀

1. Oh yes! She has to be the first person in mind “Laughing” 😀

2. She wins! Right? 😉

3. Jennifer this time be like “Oh Common, I told ya!” 😀

4. And that my friend is what they call “Closure”!

But you know what, this doesn’t really matter at all now coz “Life is goooooood with Justin” <3

Karma gives everyone a lesson to learn and so did happen with Brad! And to the brangelina fans, Guys It’s okay! Maybe there love story was a fairy tale but you got to make your own. So do not put up the posts like “I don’t believe in love” or “I am not going to get married”, I mean what are they “God of love”.



Common, get over it! Get a Life and admire it and don’t ever cheat upon your partner. 😛 It hurts!

Take care! Have a nice day 🙂

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