Just another day!

Girl with Dreams – Part I


It was a cold winter morning, she doesn’t want to get out of her bed but she has to, time was running fast and she was getting late. She was really happy at first, being appointed to this office and never thought that someday she will be looking up for the reason to stay there any longer. But now, few weeks later, its happening.

Aren’t we all are living our lives the same way. I mean with no proper determination we just wake up every day and get ready to rush off to offices and sit at that one seat for 9 long hours or maybe more than that, get our minds eaten up there, get back to the home all stressed up and sleep with no satisfaction. Don’t you think there is something wrong going on here? Don’t you think you got to find way out of here or this situation? Don’t you?

Think about it! Will see you next Wednesday with story continued..! <3

Hey you,

If you are a new visitor “Well, welcome to my blog, Thank you so much for being here. And I hope you liked reading this <3 ”


And to those regular ones, you know that this is my first try in writing phrases. I don’t know how I got this all new interest emerged and so I decided to put up on here to you, so please please tell me if you liked this or not. I don’t know if this is going to get any direction or not, though I’ll try my best but I truly need your feedback. 🙂

Have a nice day! Take care! Will be waiting for your feedbacks.

5 thoughts on “Just another day!

  1. It is always nice to read someone’s heart over web. Feeling is something which is hard(most of the times) to express in writing.
    You’ve done wonderfully well. It takes a lot to write something not good (but also motivating in a different perspective) to you.

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