It’s not always about work!

Hello there! So, how was your weekend!? 😉

If you ask for mine, well my weekend just went off while looking up for those different online dealers which could get me my own domain and hosting. Though I did get find one such website but the whole process just ended up with nothing as there was some problem with my payment transaction thing. Now, I don’t know about when I’d be able to get my domain registered and all of the process so as to have that website of my own.

Oh yes, and obviously how can I forget to mention that after all this I even tried to make my website look more elegant and so which made me look for different themes, but as I tried them, they all just led to nothing. You also must have noticed this, if you somehow managed to visit my blog yesterday. So, this is it. You do make sure to mention about your own weekend, looking forward to listen from you people. Why? Because you are special 😉

Okay now, Can I ask you a question here, okay I mean another one!?

What is that thing which brings you most of the satisfaction in life? Is it money or happiness? I know most of you are going to answer happiness, oh no but it also includes money; obviously you cannot imagine your life without money. No money, no happiness!

This is what we actually shaped happiness into nowadays. No, none of us is really happy if they take our comfort, our money away from us and you know that! But is this that best way to live? Lending our key to happiness to something which may or may not exist tomorrow!?

Yes, I agree, I totally agree that one cannot really manage without money and so is important to work for the same but not by lending off your smile and peace. You know, there are many people out there who are just working 24*7 to make their and their loved one’s life comfortable and getting no happiness, no satisfaction is return.

Are you wondering about why am I talking over the topic!?

It’s about 4 to 5 days back, when one of the well-known artists in Bollywood industry, Mr Om Puri, shrugged off all of his duties and passed away. Now, what is wrong in here is that there is that huge tragic story which describes the whole long life of Om Puri including getting away from his family too, i.e. his family and son.

I know, there may be many of those people who have parted away from their families or loved ones but this person here, his story describes about how one person just keep struggling and moving forward with their work and profession, not caring about stopping for once and embrace life.

Most of us are doing just the same, which is not exactly the right way of happy living and somehow you know that too. See, this is okay to work for your dreams, infact it is necessary but in mid of all this chaos, don’t, just don’t forget that you are at last a human being and not a Robot or a machine. Alright?

We, being in pressure always end up making some weird and serious mistakes which we regret later on, for example you can take it as wailing at your employee or some co-worker or maybe some loved one.  Just one word, don’t do this. Life is actually too much short to feel stressed about something; if you have any such problems you can share it with your friends or colleagues, but don’t live your life being sad.


Take care people, Keep smiling! 🙂

And hey, BDW you can look for more of my quotes at my YourQuote profile. <3

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