Is this the Real India?

26th January! Here it is, A very happy republic day. Being a small kid, I never got to understand the whole big concept of this day, all I used to know was, Oh, it’s a big day for our country, for our city, for our school, for me. Why? I don’t know, it’s a holiday all over the country. Although, now I know. This is considered as a big day because constitution got introduced on this very day in our country.

Though I cannot speak much about the constitution but yes, there are some lines which can get a person reading this a much better understanding of India nowadays. Indian? You would relate to this in very much better way.


Dear India,

No doubt I am proud of you, for all of those things that you have been through.

Girls in here are though not safe as much as they deserve to, for some cheap monsters are spying over them from their work place to their hostel room.

Caste and religion is what matters to them, whether it be school, college or placement crew.

Marriages are performed every day, but dowry must be passed through.

Farmers and soldiers, your two heroes, are fighting hard for having one bite of good food.

Reservations are trending here, talent can be seen flying with the foreign troop.

Inter-caste marriage? How could you? It’s a crime, don’t you know? People are living by their self-written rule book.

I want a baby boy, they say. And she, she is not allowed to even come out of that coop.

People are educated now, atleast more in the range than they earlier used to. But what is the point of being highly educated if they don’t understand the point of giving everyone as much freedom as they deserve to.

I am not saying, that am not proud of being Indian, as there are still some people who want to become the part of you.

We even don’t have silent PM now, our PM speaks and takes action with whatever he feel like right to.

You are good India and you can be better, provided some residents of yours move forward to change their mind and view.


And now, moving along, here is the another one, which specifically I wrote for those soldiers who are away from their home, just to protect us, the whole India.

This is the one I wrote, keeping the soldier in mind who is standing there at the border and write over a letter to his wife.


This war has begun and there is no end, I can see.

Bullets are being fired and there is no peace, I can breathe.

My fellows are dead and there is no life, I can see.

Today may be mine, but tomorrow has, no guarantee.

Guns in hands and enemies in eyes, I can see.

Not afraid of death, I am just gonna stand there like a tree.

Fighting hard for your comfort and there is only success, I can see.

Maybe I would not return tomorrow, maybe our children would not again see me.

But that pride in your eyes, that pride is all I wanted to see.

I miss you so much, maybe much more than yours missing for me.


But know that I am gonna be there, I am just gonna be there when you will think of me with a Smile-E!


That is it! Happy Republic Day people. Take a step every day to make India proud, maybe atleast for your children. And tell me via comments, whether you agree with these lines or not? Is this the real India?

Note: This was just a random try by yours truly. So, there are slight chances of making some mistakes. Apologies for same. 🙂

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