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[Dear New Readers: Sorry for this little weird talk, I know you are here for something different but just a little talk to my frequent readers, pardon me! :) ]

Well, I know I am frequently being a little inactive on this blog and updating it in week or so, apologies apologies and more more apologies for that, in my defence the only thing that can be mentioned here about is that there is some kind of project I am busy with nowadays and moreover as I have mentioned about October as a festival month in my previous to previous post.

So I am quite busy with those making merry things or can I say on the mission of Diwali- Clean your Home! And ask me, it is so bloody exhausting :/ . But it’s okay it’s Diwali, I looooooooooove Diwali <3 and can do anything to make it more more better. 😀


You must be knowing it already if you are following me on Instagram or Facebook, you don’t? Well, its okay. I’ll surely post those pictures in some other post of mine, so as to make you enjoy with me.

Okay, so actually I didn’t thought of starting this post like this as I was here to talk about something really motivational. Is it okay if I talk about that now? Let it be, I hope I already made you smile, no wait, talking this crap? No no no no! Okay so let this whole of the thing take a side and allow me to talk about some really useful stuff.

Now, during these last 4-5 days of my festival month, I was kind of on a survey of some top internet marketers as I was told to. And there were so many in the list with so much good stuff to read about them. Seriously, every one of them with some different stuff different story different path and finally success, I actually enjoyed it a lot.

A lot

And among all of those, there were these three which in my mind were, are and always going to be the most encouraging ones. I mean, it’s not that rest of them were not that good with their stories but these three, just totally irresistible. Oh yes! This is the thing for which I am here today, to make you know about them and their stories of life and maximum possibility is that you are going to love them.

So, let me start this up with “Harsh Agrawal“:

Harsh Agrawal

The very well-known name in the field of online marketing, obviously all of them are but you know this is the only best way I can introduce these people to you. Moving forward to his story Harsh sir graduated from Sharda university back in 2008 and then started working in some Call centre, following which he also decided to give a try to the blogging thing which actually resulted out to be better as many people got to like his writings, this was when he decided to buy a domain and take his blogging journey to the next platform.


Now, as he was taking his steps forward, he started making money out of it which he never really imagined of when decided to write up his first blog, in simple language you can say that he hasn’t started his blog for money, now making uncountable money though. 😀 During campus placements back in the college time he also managed to get placed in Top MNC “Accenture”, for which he now had to decide of whether he is going to continue with his blog or join a company and that was when he decided to go for blogging and walk on the path of his dreams.


You know, how difficult it is to kick off such job offers, seriously a brave person and an inspiration to how people can take path towards their happiness if they have enough courage for same. And I respect it, like form the bottom of my heart. J In case you don’t happen to know him, you can check his website “ShoutMeloud”, there is that big page telling all about him with much more good explaining words. Do check it out, you will not leave the website without being impressed. 😀


Looking forward, the second name in this list is “Clay Collins”.

Clay Collins

This person is from southern California and used to live there with his grandparents where his grandfather used to plat Citrus trees, to make living. Why? It was the only thing he used to love doing and so he decided to make it a source of living.

Clay Sir’s Grandfather was his hero, all times hero and this was the thing about him which made him go so much impressed and motivated, inspiring from which he decided to do the only thing which can make him happy and his happiness was in freedom and freedom for him was to do the thing which he feel happy doing or you can say which he can do till the end of his life without even complaining about it.


This search for him actually proved out to be a little expensive for him as he due to his being uninterested being dropped out from his high school and college and also almost failed in elementary school. But at the end when he decided to do the thing which he is only good at, he managed to find out that marketing is that only thing which he would love to spend his life on and so we have a legend between us, a living legend. Moreover, he is so cute 😛 <3

You can also learn about him on or check his long big article on Medium where he actually clearly told about him and his life. You are going to love it, truly.


And now the very last but not at all the least name in this list of inspirations “Steve Brodsky”.

Steve Brodsky

Person, who before stepping into this world of online marketing used to work as a chef and was looking forward to start his own Chef kind of business when he started rolling over the path of blogging and also which made him a slight amount of money. This was the time when the idea strike onto his mind and he decided to choose online marketing as his profession over his Chef business.


And this step of his was truly not wastage as he is making a lot more money now and that too by moving all over the world. Though there were many difficulties that he got to face on this path but at the end he actually manage to make through this, and now you can see him on his website helping other people to make their dream come true as a reality. Isn’t it amazing? 😀

What these three people actually teach us through their stories is move to the path of your dreams, do only which makes you happy and don’t let any of the failures let you down, never! You are here to make your dreams come true, so ignore all shit and do the same. <3

Stairs to success

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