Is being an independent working woman a curse?

Everyone of you at least once in your life must have heard any of your girl friends complaining of being harassed or denied certain rights as compared to their male counterparts. But here in my case, all was going good, until something happened that I could never ever have imagined in my scariest of the dreams.  

I being an IT professional live away from my family in a metro city and I share my apartment with other females. And living together we five have turned this apartment into our cozy nest or in short we have turned it into – “A home away from home” and “A family away from family”. But living in a good society we never thought such an incident could ever happen to us.

This happened last month. I was not the part of this ordeal which my three flat mates suffered as I was away in my hometown that time.

Monday morning

6:30 am: Doorbell rings. Everyone is asleep.

One of the girl opens the door. Our neighbor, roughly aged around late thirties hammering away at our door. She opens the door and he starts shouting loudly saying we have spilled the garbage and have made the place horrible to live. Hearing his loud shouts, other two girls come out.

He continues to yell and his wife joins him too. Both of them shouting aggressively in early morning hours. And the reason behind this was- our maid got late keeping the garbage of house outside a day before yesterday and the society boy could not dump it. So a soiled sanitary pad was out of the complete garbage nicely plotted outside our flat. Startled, all the three girls looked at each other’s face because none was having periods that time. So, from where the hell did this sanitary pad came out from the garbage?!

Now, the scene continues. Both husband wife are shouting at peak saying that the whole block should wake up and see what we have done. We have made this lady impure and additionally she has her Monday fast today. This lady who calls herself an engineering graduate from Delhi University speaks absurd that she is living in a flat worth a crore and by just paying meager amount of few thousand bucks we have spoiled the environment.  From the day one she looks at us so suspiciously as if we do wrong things here.

And her drama continues- “Why you girls not stay in a hostel or take a paying guest accommodation. Why you live independently in a flat. You girls must be keeping your own homes dirty as well. Because of you my husband and children are hungry. I couldn’t cook because of you girls. It’s my fast today and you have polluted me. Cat came and took out the sanitary pad from garbage bag. We’ll complain in society office”. And his husband who works in a reputed firm- “We won’t let you girls live here. Be ready and pack your bags. I will make sure you people are out of here by this evening.”

And my flat mates close the door and move in.  The bell rings again. By now the couple got very aggressive and started spewing abuses and flinging allegations all over the place. In the mean time, a lady from upstairs came down hearing the loud shouts. She behaved maturely and tried to settle things. And on listening the matter, she advised my flat mates to remove the sanitary pad and dispose off. To which the girls replied that they would have done it if it was their mistake. But none of the girls is on periods so this is not from our flat. And then the lady who came for reconciliation said “You all are like my daughters. They are elders. And may be your contract would get cancelled if the news reaches society administration.” And then one of the girls disposed it off.

When they all left, girls called up the society security and as soon the security team heard that bachelors are living, he refused to take the complaint.

Now here I would like to draw some points:

  1. Was it right for a male neighbor to come to a bachelor girl’s flat in the wee hours when the girls were in sleep wears?
  2. Was it right that security team does not register a complaint on abuse by neighbor just because we were single women living in?
  3. And is this the real independent and educated India, we are proud of!?

If the cat came then it could find only sanitary pad out of that black garbage bag?! There were no marks of cat’s claws on garbage bag. Cat didn’t spilled out vegetable and fruit wastes. Cat was so clever that it neatly took out sanitary pad!?

independent women

I don’t understand when the thinking of our country will change. When there will be no difficulty in finding accommodation for bachelors and we would not be seen suspiciously. When these educated people will actually be termed as educated in proper terms. Seriously! 

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