How could you not hate it!?

So, its 22 of December finally! You know what does that mean? You must get ready to welcome winters, more of winters actually. Okay, do you really love this season? Because if you do, then you must be somewhere else and not reading this post, I mean just leave this post here and find the one which can get you those happy pictures for your favourite season, Winters. 😐

Seriously, how can one really fall in love with this season, for me it is like cold and more cold and more and more cold, Oh God! Sometimes all I wish is to vanish away from this place and only get back when summers call me up. Too much drama? Sorry, can’t help it! I hate winters like a pro and there is nothing which can make me love it, oh yes maybe some warmth from the sun can.

And if you are looking forward to the reason behind this hatred, Can I tell you that there is that endless list and can I tell you that this may drive you insane and Can I tell you that the only main reason behind about me hating cold is that “I HATE COLD”! Okay, no! There is more of it.

But obviously, this is always going to start with..

  1. “I hate cold”, Okay? I mean you can just most of the time find me whining around with words like “Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold..! Oh God, Why are you making this go worse? Don’t you love me?”
    Take winters Away!
  1. I cannot have curd 🙁 because curd brings you flu and flu is bloody intolerable >:O

    I <3 Curd. Okay?
  2. Its just 5 P.M and sun is going down already :/
  3. Everything is frozen – My hands, my toes, my nose and just everything. Okay, I hate it!
    save me
  4. Wearing those so many numbers of clothes is not just okay, okay?
    Too many clothes
  5. If you really want me to love winters let me just sit there, in my blankets like for the whole long day. I just don’t want to get out of my bed :/
    My bed
  6. No doubt, I heart snow but only if you can suck all that cold out of it? P.S – In spite of the fact that there is no snow in Chandigarh.
  7. Oh! And how can we miss – Dry skin, chapped lips and obviously bad hair. No, I cannot wash my hair like every other day.
    Bad hair
  8. No sun, no warmth! Oh my God.
    i need sun
  9. Every frikkin thing is cold, whether it be a chair, table, my laptop, even that dumping pot feels like…. for God’s sake it’s cold!

All in all, I hate cold! And this is all I have to justify the statement! Do you have any more of them? If yes, then do share with me via comments and also if you have any reason to love this season (other than christmas), don’t forget to mention it here.

I love Christmas <3 This is the only reason I can tolerate you, you not so dearest winters! Got it?

Merry Christmas!

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