Have some Faith in Yourself!

Don’t compare your first chapter with someone’s 20th!

Now, this is something which is worth of keeping in mind when moving on the path of your dreams. I know it happens! Moving over that path is never that easy as it looks like.


There are many problems and hurdles that we get to face in our life, sometimes it can be in the form of failure, sometimes friends, sometimes parents, sometimes we ourselves and sometimes feeling of being jealous.

Don't get jealous

Whenever we see someone moving on the same path as ours but somewhere at the top, eating up a biscuit of success, there is a slight of us inside who says “Maybe this is not my cup of tea, I must quit” or “Maybe I was never meant for doing this, I must continue with my old job, Yeah I must quit”.


But do you really think that this is OK to make someone’s success a major reason behind your failure? Should they stop celebrating their success now, just because so that you cannot feel bad anymore, if not then is it OK to feel this bad about someone’s success? Would you be happy seeing anyone quitting their goal just because you crossed that ladder to success? No, obviously not! Then, Why?

Celebrate Success

We all need to understand here that everyone who is found moving over that same path as ours is not necessarily on that same level as ours! Feeling envy of someone’s success is never ever a solution, the only solution is to feel happy about them, get inspired and do so well that you can get that same chance to celebrate your success.


I know, it is pretty much like giving up a lecture; but to be honest, I myself have been through this situation a few days back and the only way that I thought could be helpful in that situation was “Self-motivation”; the art which every one of us should really learn.


So, tell yourself today that:




And always remember,

If you are planning to follow a path towards your dream, don’t forget to get ready for confronting failures!

Have a nice day! Take care! 🙂

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