Happy INDIA.

15 August!

The only date which mattered a lot since childhood and that too because this was always a confirmed holiday and it is and it will always be. We, no actually I is better; So I that time back in my school times never really thought of this topic called “Independence” as so much seriously.

But now being a grown up I know that what this word Independence actually means, although we girls are not really independent by now but still I know, infact we all know. Right?

 But the only thing that matters for now is the people who taught us about the true meaning of independence i.e. people who were, are and will always be fighting standing on those borders just to make us feel protected and independent.

And I here, through this post salute each one of those soldiers who never ever ask for a holiday. On this occasion of 70th independence day let’s just celebrate India and its smiling faces. 🙂

Post to Independence never gonna end without this “Our National Anthem” <3


A very Happy Independence day to every fellow Indian and guys take a pledge to never forget the “Swachh bharat mission”, a step towards bright and happy India.

Keep it clean, Keep it green! 🙂

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