Good Deeds Cost Nothing!

As we grow up, what we get to realise is that the world is not really that much good place as it seemed to be earlier or we can say in childhood days. Childhood was so awesome, No? Although, we always thought of growing up to adults as soon as possible but seriously, there is nothing out there which can fill over the fun and pleasure that we all used to have during that best time.

What we were able to look for was more new games to play or any other new way to have fun in life but now, being grown-ups all we can see is people having heart breaks, struggles, failures, tensions, depressions and any other thing which is not at all positive.

“Only thing that bothers to people nowadays is money, they are not kind anymore, they don’t really fall in love anymore” Well, that’s what we really think of this world, but you know what, there is a lot more to know about for now! Cuz, not everyone on this earth is that bad till now! Kindness still resides out there! Yes! It really does!

Good deeds

And this person “Varun Pruthi” is that live example to such Human being or you can say he is that other name to very beloved “Mother Teresa”. For more of the details, he is an actor and a founder of #BringingHumanityBack who inspires today’s youth to help people in need and make their life easy. Moreover, being a social worker he makes some videos featuring many of the problems that we human beings face in our daily life. I know most of you must be very much aware of this person, but I just couldn’t resist myself to write upon his good work and appreciate his good deeds!

Here are some of his top videos, a must watch!

I know, you like them! Kindness is never a waste of time! 🙂 And he proves it! <3

A perfect inspiration to “youth nowadays”. You rock Sir! 🙂 We respect you from the bottom of our hearts <3

If you want to know more about him, find him on his facebook page or youtube channel.

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