God Gifted Creature!

No relationship in this world can ever replace the love between mother and a child…! <3

True Said! There is no other person special than mother (gift of GOD).

  • She is that special creature on earth, who is just too much courageous to cope up with all that pain and problems to have us in her arms.
  • She is the one, always found standing beside you no matter what.
  • She is the one, to whom a daughter can rush to find a best friend and a son to find love, peace and care.
  • She is the one, who showers that unconditional love to every child of hers.
  • She is the one, who is just best and awesome and incredible and heartbeat and everything in every possible way.

Now as you are a grown up and she is the one, who needs little bit of your attention and time.  So, why not to fulfil that wish of hers, by a hug or a call(if away from home) and tell her that:

  1. I love you Mummy.

Love you mummy

Thank you for being there whenever I needed you the most, you will always be my first priority no matter what!

  1. I wish you could be here.

Miss yu mummy

If away from home, you can totally understand what it feels to be without her. When you don’t find anyone around who can pamper you, or take care of you when you are ill. Too Bad! BDW I am not away from my home “luckily” but thought of getting away from her is just too much shivering :/

  1. I miss your “handmade dishes (maa ke haath ka khaana <3)” for me. No good food for me.

Not fair

Again applied to those, who are away from their Mom and her food, 🙁 there is no snack better than the one made by mom.

  1. Time to take a break .
You need to make her learn this.
You need to make her learn this <3

Help her out with daily chores or let her take a break for a while and prepare special dishes for her <3

  1. Accept my apology.


If in any case, you have done something wrong then this is the best time to apologize for the same. Don’t worry, she is your Mom, she cannot be rude to you for so much long. 🙂

  1. Let’s have fun.

Shopping time

Take her to somewhere new place and make her shop for whatever she wants. You know that she is your mum, she loves shopping <3

7. Thank you mummy! <3

Thank you

Thank her for everything. She deserves it totally <3

So, what are you waiting for? Post is done, now go and hug/call up to your lifeline <3

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