Get Out of that Trap!

Hey guys!

Here I am back with some stuff to talk about. Okay well I know I am so much irregular nowadays and which means that I totally owe you an explanation but you know what I only have that same answer to this question as I was so much busy with my work in last few days. So, please forgive me! 🙂

Okay, moving forward can I ask you fellas how you all are doing today? I hope the person sitting over there reading this is saying “Oh! I am doing great 😀 ”, it’s a festive season afterall c’mon, Christmas bells are ringing all over <3

Well, this post may seem like another happy post to you as it started over, though title conveys some different message there but let me make it clear that there is some serious stuff that I want to actually talk about here today and obviously which can be helpful to you or your closer one too and and this can be bit lengthy but totally worth of your read.

So, maybe you are the one who is really happy with your life and making merry with Christmas and new year approaching by (if you are the one, there could not be anything more better than this in your life, enjoy your moments happily <3 ) or maybe you can be the one who is not really happy with whatever is happening with your life (if not, then look around, there are such people residing somewhere nearby you).

First of all, as we move any step forward, do know that this post is not something to pour out my negative energy to, this is just the thing which is happening to lot of those people out there making them take that flight to darkest of places inside. I am sure you don’t want any of your near ones to fall in these depths of darkness and so is the reason which brought me here to talk on same.

You know there are many of those who even being surrounded with so many people are actually alone from their inner self. There is always something inside which keeps hurting them thus making them feel low about their conditions and also which most of the times take their near ones out of their life.

If you ever have experienced this with any of your near ones, then my friend this is something you are not at all advised to ignore as this is the person who needs you to take care and be with them for 24*7.


Why do people get depressed?

I don’t know if this might be the perfect question that must be bothering you now, but just to make it clear to you, there is not even any single person out there who gets into this thing of depression by their own choice, there are some bad happenings which can be said as that reason behind this whole thing.

How can one get rid of it?

If you have someone who is going through the same situation then make sure to spend as much time as you can with them, understand their problem, talk to them, tell them that you are always there no matter what (because obviously you totally are!), make them happy, listen to them, let them pour out their sadness to you, support them, love them, don’t leave them alone, they  need you, they totally do.

And in case if you, the one who is reading this, you are going through the same situation than please do remember that

  • Every person on this earth loves you and appreciates your presence, especially those closer ones.
  • There might be some people whom you have lost while being in this situation, but do remember this is not going to last forever, at last it’s going to be okay.
  • You might be thinking that people out there, due to your behaviour, have started hating you but there is nothing like that, it is just an illusion. People who love you, stays forever and who don’t, well they just don’t care. Alright?
  • While in this situation, consulting a psychiatrist may be of help to you but if it’s not than its okay. Got it?
  • Learn to be your own doctor. Haven’t you not learned to rule yourself? Tell yourself what among all of the things you are doing or thinking is important to you and what is not!
  • And do remember crap only belongs to dustbin. So, throw those negative thoughts out of your life.
  • You are born to be awesome! So, Be Awesome.
  • And don’t forget God only gives problems to those whom he knows have that capability to tolerate and get through it. You are a strong strong person. Okay?
  • And also I love you, we all love you <3 So, live, live for yourself, live for someone you know can’t make it happen without you.

Life is just too much short to feel sad or depressed and you are too much great and talented to be in this situation. <3

I hope these words may have brought some positive energy inside you, if it really did, then please please let it grow, let it grow further, start living, people need you, world needs you, this earth needs you, your life needs you, so LIVE!

Stay happy always! 🙂


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