Either Critics or Dreams! Choose it yourself!

Today as I was reading a newspaper, no actually I don’t really read newspapers; so let’s say I was just looking up for the highlights and this quote made my eyes go jammed. The line which said:

If you want to achieve something big in your life, avoid critics!

So much simple, so much relatable! And not only to me, to every other person out there who is taking a step forward to fulfil their dreams, their love, their passion!


I mean we all know that our path of dreams is very much different from that usual one which normally contains those, who don’t even love what they do and still we decide to move over this road so as to make our dreams a reality. Then out of nowhere, this “Hurdle” kind of thing which most of the time includes some person who don’t even know what our passion is all about comes and we, well we just give up!


But seriously, is that really really worth it? I mean, okay just for an instance: Let’s just say, you are at a coffee shop ordering Latte or any other flavour you love and suddenly this person X comes from nowhere who don’t even know about you, your health and tells you that coffee is not good for you! What will you do? Cancel the order or just ignore the person? Obviously, you will ignore the person! This X person is no one to tell you about what to drink and what not to! Right? You love coffee and you will drink it, no matter what people say!

Dream BIG!
Dream BIG!

Then what is the thing with your dreams? Don’t you have enough confidence in yourself! Don’t you have enough love for your dreams! Don’t you have enough sense to ignore such talks! Don’t you? Common! You know you can, that is why you are here today! Don’t give up! People will talk what they want to and you have to do what you want to, Work! Work Harder, succeed and show such hurdles a middle finger!


Follow your Passion and never ever ever give up! Big things take time! 🙂

Keep that in Mind! :)
Keep that in Mind! 🙂

Have a nice and motivated day! Take care! 🙂 And Yes, I hope you like this new avatar of my blog! Enjoy. <3

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