Doubt your Doubts!

A dream is a wish your heart makes – Walt Disney!

We all are living with that one dream, that one wish in our mind which we want to look up as a reality and somewhere in deep we all are aware of the fact that it will take a lot to fulfil our vision. But still so much afraid to work upon it and that is only because of the fear of failure.

What if my hard work didn’t pay me well? What if I won’t be able to make it? And many more of such questions circles around your mind. But you know what, this fear of yours will lead you nowhere but your hard work and dedication will. Don’t believe me, read over this story of joseph schooling; the very fresh example to the statement “Dreams do come true”.

Joseph Schooling who by now was just any other guy from Singapore is now one of those legends with gold medal in swimming beating his own idol and a very successful Olympian of all time “Michael Phelps”.

Back in 2008

Joseph got to meet him as a teenager and always wanted to be like him. And now after 8 years he fulfilled his dream by fleeing 5th gold medal of RIO Olympics away from Michael giving all the credits of win to Michael himself.

Idol with Silver, Dreamer with Gold <3

And you are still afraid of failure! You need to think again! 😉

Just Imagine
Just Imagine! 😉

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