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Different Angles Different Views!

Everyone has their own different views towards everything in this world. No? Maybe this is the result of that lifestyle which we are living in, yes obviously, this is the thing which sets up whole of the mind to react accordingly. Well, today I am not here to burst off those motivational lines on you (everyone needs a break), this is just an another presentation of my mind which is inspired from a real life incident. Umm.. you cannot really call it as an incident, it was just a thing. Okay, let me explain.

Today as me and my mum were heading back towards home from the market, we took a rickshaw. As we were sitting there on the back seat, seeing lights hanging on houses we were discussing about how to make ours look more better. And that very time it stuck on to my mind that hearing our conversation what would have been there in Rickshaw pullers mind?

And So, I ended up with this:


While his customers on back seat were discussing about how to put lights in balcony the better way….ย the rickshaw wala (Rickshaw-puller) was thinking about how to make as much money to buy diyas this Diwali so as to lighten up his home!


Maybe he would be thinking the same thing or maybe not, I don’t know! I just don’t know.

Thanks for the read, BTW! ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care, happy day! <3

2 thoughts on “Different Angles Different Views!

  1. Really true. How many people thought of it, while bursting thousands of ruppe of crackers! At our place, life is tough for people who are distinguished as ‘poor’. Sad but true.

    But now I tend to ask people what they think of a query! Anyone.
    I remember deboarding the metro station and asking rickshaw wale bhaiya, ‘aaj kaisa lag rha hu?’, he just smiles and looks downwards saying, ‘acha sa’.

    1. Seriously! And even some of people out there are so much rude to them, I don’t understand, what are they living with a heart or a big giant rock inside their body! Anyways, they are totally not worth of having a discussion about, and that was really cute ‘acha sa’ ๐Ÿ™‚

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