Did someone just said “Resolutions”?

It’s 29 :O

Just two more days and then we characters will be entering the new book of our life. 😀

Oh well, obviously with this phase of ending and starting, here comes that part which one usually talks about at this moment. I know you already must have guessed it! Yeah, let’s talk resolutions 😛

New year, new life

So, have you already given this a shot? Obviously, you must have! Infact this is the only activity which makes all of us stay reserved with, atleast during last 5 to 10 days of the year. Isn’t it? I hope you must all be having that some amazing stuff to walk over with, in 2017.

Though some of you may not be really satisfied with the ending of this book of 2016 of your life, the reason being that inability to fulfil all of those resolutions that you must have made at that first page.

It really feels bad, when you can’t achieve something you always have aspired for! No? Surely it does! But you know what? It is totally fine. Why? Because this is what normal people do and we all are just like that.

There are those so many things which we think or try of doing but either we just don’t do it or we fail to get it done, but that doesn’t mean we start feeling bad about this and just stop looking forward to some new opportunities. Okay? So, throw all of those worries and disappointments away and start this new book with that lovely spark, not only on your face but in your heart too. <3

New Years

Oh well! This doesn’t really end here, I have something in my pockets which you are needed to add to your list of resolutions this year 😀 Let’s go….!

Daily smiles: Okay, I know this already must have provided you with an idea on what you are needed to do here. Yes, I am talking about smiles. You know, your smile holds that unique ability to make whole of the day go good, not only yours but any other person too whom you pass that smile to, depending upon your intentions behind the same.

Smile baby

Hug those positive vibes: Positivity is that one ingredient which is known to add that real important flavour in the recipe of happy life. You know there are those two different ways to observe a situation, one is positive and other is negative, among which way to positivity is getting something good out of it while way to negativity means to make your condition go worse! So, you know what is better for you! Right?

lets do this

Kick off the procrastination: Now, this is something which one can call as a constant companion (only if you are the one who loves to keep things at a break, which I think everyone does). But do you really think that adding procrastination in every day to do’s list is something important or useful? Obviously, it is not! This is only going to make your work get untouched forever and ever. So, one should not bring this thing into practice, though this is not really easy 😛 But atleast we can try! No?

Do it now!

Love yourself: We love to feel loved! No? obviously, we do, every one of us does! And so in this desperation of ours, we always keep looking up for the person who can make us feel good about ourselves. Now, here comes those two conditions:

  1. You found that person, he/she loved you, you loved them back, you broke up and now you feel that you are not just worth of being loved. Seriously?
  2. You are still looking for them! But, O Ooo No results found! And, oh God you don’t deserve anyone! Like seriously?
  3. Okay there are three actually, you found that person, you love each other, you are the luckiest one! Well, obviously you are. But in mid of all this, don’t you ever forget to remind your importance to yourself.

Now, as per these three cases, no actually those first two cases, there comes a time when one starts ignoring themselves, crying over that one person who is not even worth of wasting those tears on and thus which may even lead to make them end their lives. What? Are you serious? I mean, you haven’t even thought of that one person who is on the other side of this sad face, your happy self. Yes, the one who needs some motivation to come in light and sparkle! So, why not to give that part of you a try? I mean atleast for once, love yourself! Always remember that sometimes it is totally okay to be selfish! Okay?

Love yourself!
Cmon! How can you not listen to him? Love yourself <3

Oh! Yoga: Actually this is the point which I am also going to add up to my schedule from this coming year (I hope so!). Yoga is that best thing to make you stay active all throughout the day and also this is that knight in shining armour which can protect your body from many kinds of those weird named diseases and health problems. Problem is, I am too much lazy to get out of my blanket for yoga in winters atleast! :/ I hope I’ll work on this thing 😛


Aaaand ummm… Okay, I think I am done with this list here (as these are the only five striking up in my mind for now, though I’ll add up if I get any more of them in next two days 😛 ). So, these are 5 of the most important things that you got to add up to your resolution list this year. Okay? I hope 2017 is holding up something amazing in its pockets for all of you people. Have a really good one! <3

And hey, thanks a lot to all of you readers for being an applaud-able part of this journey of mine here! I really adore you people a lot, like seriously a lot. And I promise you people to always come up with something amazing and useful, for every time I post in here, I hope this bond between writer and reader get stronger and much more stronger with time. Thank you guys a lot!

Take care, keep smiling! 🙂 Happy new year <3

Love you all

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