Day of Decision!

Girl with Dreams – Part IV

Girl in Mountains

Another day at the office and she still is not falling in love with what she is doing there. Sitting at her place, scrolling over the browser page up and down, there her eyes met something really interesting enough to give a read to.

5 minutes later.

The browser screen said “Your trip to Manali has been booked. Hope you enjoy!”

A strong wave of excitement was running over her body until she got back to the reality of where she was sitting and then.

“Oh God! What have I done? They won’t allow me to take off for 4 long days. Oh God! Should I take a step back and cancel the trip? But I don’t want to! But my job. Oh my God! What should I do now?” She was continuously thinking as her mail box asked her to confirm the trip.

“Start with your work, girl”, a strong bossy order came from the other side of the table. “Okay, this is it.” And her next step was to confirm the trip.

“Let it be! This place is not what I belong to, No I cannot take this anymore. I am done with all this. Let’s do it. Let’s run away from here”, she finally murmured to herself.

And then at the end of the day, she finally decided to get over all of the shit! Yes, she resigned that day. Maybe this was the only way she can walk over the path of her dreams, maybe some of the things are okay to not to be planned before. She knew her parents are going to be hard to her, she knew it was all a big risk to take a step forward to, she knew there are so many of those things that she has to take care of. “I’ll do it anyways” And she resigned.

Sometimes, due to that desperation of ours or maybe to learn a lesson later, we take some steps that we regret later. But, know that it is always the best step to walk away from things which don’t make you feel good anymore. So, if you are also the one who is not happy with his/her current situation, no matter whether it be a bad relationship or a job that you don’t really love or maybe anything that is not making you feel happy, know that this is the time to “Walk Away”. You deserve so much better than what you are having now.

And yes, there are also some of those who think that it is not practical to walk away from anything like this. Well, hey people here the girl you are reading this written piece of left her job to do something she loves(including this blog). Though, I am not on that peak of success for now but at least I am happy and sooner or later I will surely make it up (okay, I hope so) 😉

I hope you people like this short series of Girl with dreams (in case you missed other parts , catch them up here at Part I, Part II and Part III) and I will be surely back with some new piece of stories like this, obviously if you like this one. So, share your feedback via comments below, please, I am dying to listen from you guys. 😛

Have a great day guys! Take care 🙂


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