Daughter’s Week.

A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give – Laurel Atherton.


We all love gifts, don’t we? So why not to accept this most precious gift of nature and nurture her with love, care and respect. She deserves it, she totally does!

In our everyday life we get to notice that majority of people around us prefer to have a boy child than a girl and most of them are known as those so called “Educated Ones”.

Being Indians we know how serious this matter is and confirmation is there in that government data according to which thousands of female foetuses being aborted every year only because they want “SON”, every day 22 women are killed for dowry because they want Money not Love, a woman is been raped every 22 minutes because those jerks have to prove that how powerful they actually are!

To fight over this, there are many laws which are been introduced by the Indian government that have somehow reduced the ratio of such crimes against women. And now according to the social media campaign launched by Maneka Gandhi (Women and child development minister) this entire week is marked to be celebrated as a daughter’s week which demands people to honour every woman in their family whether it be their daughter, daughter in law or a grand-daughter.

The very main aim to this celebration is about reducing female foeticide, improving India’s tilted sex ratio and educating girls. And now the only thing we can do is to hope, hope that people will get to know the value of girls, hope that there will be no more cases in future about any crime against girls.

Daughter love
Love your daughter <3


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