Bro Sis Code!

A famous quote by Sam Revenson “Siblings: Children of the same parents, each of whom is perfectly normal until they get together.” is totally relatable to all those who are blessed with a brother or a sister in their lives.


We don’t actually need words to explain that how awesome it feels to have that one person around, the one who fights with you, the one who shares with you, the one who cares for you, the one who is always standing there beside when you are in need, the one who is your best friend forever, the one who is always your partner in crime, the one who teaches us the way no one else can and there are way lot more endless definitions.


But but but, hold on a second I know reading this may fill someone like an “only child” with bundle of emotions; you know what it’s never too much easy to grow up with a sibling which once or twice or thrice or I don’t know how many times in a lifetime make us hate them. Statements like share your chocolates, share your room, why did you hit him and blah blah blah sound so much annoying. HUH! 😐


However, anyone of us still cannot deny the fact that after counting all those disadvantages of having them we still love and adore them for being in our life. Don’t we? Yes we do! Coz we know that there is no one out there who can love us more than our partner in crime, our siblings. 🙂

And now here it is a festival which celebrates this special bond between a brother and a sister and thus makes it go more and more strong “Raksha Bandhan”. A day when sister binds over a rakhi (a sacred thread of love and protection) on her brother’s hand and her brother in return treats her with gifts and promise of protection forever.


Annoying, fighting, arguing, caring, protecting are those most important pillars which make this bond go strong with time.

Here is this small video dedicated to this unique and most awesome bond ever <3

Love them, annoy them, irritate them, protect them. 🙂

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