Dog and human

Bond Beyond Boundaries!

Love knows no boundaries!

This statement applies to all those folks out there who are deep diving into the river of love. <3 Though, it is not always about those two opposite sexes that are getting attracted towards each other; sometimes it may be a relation or bond of love and care between parents and their children or any of those two friends or maybe a human and a dog. Oh yes! A dog <3

Dog Human

Well, just for your knowledge I am not that fanatic of dogs; but yes I am in love with the fact that “A dog is that only being on this earth who loves you more than he loves himself.” 🙂 It makes me believe that there is still some genuine love left on this earth.

Love <3

And trust me, it’s not that I don’t like dogs at all… it’s just that I am afraid of that Bow-Vow thing! Strange! I know and maybe, this time, I may sound little kiddo to many people out there, but surely I’ll work on it one day. Anyways, doesn’t matter! I am not here to talk about my love for dogs but this girl who rejected her marriage proposal just because her would-be in-laws family were not approved of her dog.

Yes, you read it totally right! A Delhi girl rejected a marriage proposal from an eligible bachelor just because he and his family were not ready to take the dog in. I know it may sound really crazy to some people as it did to me “totally” but then after reading over all of the conversation between the two, I was like “Oh Yes, you made the right decision” and maybe this is what we call a valid example to true love! 🙂

Have a look:

And stories like these prove as an inspiration! You go girl! <3

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