Backbone for life!

Father – Only backbone to every family! <3

Isn’t it? Every member of every family has that unique part to play in life, mother is there to shower that unlimited love over you, brother is there to irritate you, sister is there to share with you and out of all there is a person who is just there to fulfil his duties, duties which are important for his family, for his children, for everyone’s happiness.

But why? Why is he just there to fulfil these duties? What about his happiness? Can there be any other better explanation to this, then to say that his happiness lies in everyone’s happiness, in the smile of his children, in the comfort of his family.

He never gets a chance to show up his love to his children as he is too much busy to build that better life for them, he never gets a chance to sit there and talk with his children as he is too much busy in his work so as to fulfil those dreams of his children, he never gets a chance to have that enough sleep as he is too much busy in working late hours so as to comfort his children with better lifestyle and facilities.


There cannot be any less explanations to describe a father or a dad, he is as much important to us as a mother and he will always be. Asking over, why am I talking about all this? Well, this post was seriously not planned before this, but then as I was watching a reality dance show and there was a performance on this love bond of a father and a kid, which literally brought up tears in my eyes.

They said, we don’t adore this relation as much as we adore our relation with mother and with “We”, I actually mean all of us. I mean is that so? Are we just taking this best relationship as for granted, don’t we know that it is only his presence that is making it possible for us to live our dreams or it is only his presence which is making it possible for us to have whatever we want in our life?

And if we seriously are taking him for granted, than why the hell are we doing this? Doesn’t he deserve that equal love and respect as much as our mother. I am sorry for being so much emotional here, but this actually raised up a question inside me today, I don’t know why, maybe I was taking him for granted, yes maybe I was, but not anymore, I am nothing without him, totally nothing, I know that now, I love him.

Here are some lines that I have written for every father and superman out there, you totally deserve it, dear superman <3


Holding your hand, he makes you learn how to take a step ahead.
Walking besides you, he makes sure that you never feel dread..!

Though he never tells you, he loves you, but he does, maybe more than your mother.
No matter what condition you are falling in, he is going to be there, supporting you, like for forever..!!

You may feel low sometimes or may forget about your laughter.
Standing behind you, he saves you from falling, because obviously he is and will always be, the Master..!

He knows how to make them happy, whether it is his son or daughter.
His love is always going to be unconditional till the end of life, because he is no one other, but a father..!! <3


Every father out there is a superman! Love to all! 🙂

Papa, I may find my prince some day, but he can never ever replace you in my life, never! <3

Take care guys, Love your parents unconditionally, they need it! 🙂


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