And, you Call us Safe!?

You know we girls have all that freedom nowadays, whether it is about attending those late night parties, or about shifting to that another place for studies and job, or about chasing our dreams, or about wearing whatever we want to… But only in books and dreams!

Though, this is not that complete truth to make your way through here, as obviously, there are maximum numbers of those girls nowadays who are living their life the only way they want to, who are doing their job sitting at some other place away from her home, who is obviously attending those late night parties and what not!

Then why did you said that “Freedom for Girls” only belongs in books or dreams?

Because, that’s the truth! That is completely the truth, when some people, oh no, sorry, they are not human beings actually, they are “Monsters”, come forward and misbehave with the girl as per she is their personal property to do whatever they feel like!

And when you ask them for a reason on same, and Oh by the way not only these jerks but also some of the people who are just too much good with that judging thing:

  • She is not supposed to be roaming around after so and so time, that’s what the rule says! Rule? Yes, a rule according to which girls who belong to good families are not allowed to get out of their houses after some standard time(take it as 8 or 9 PM).
    {And the one who is out of her house after that time is? What the hell is she?}
  • Her dress asked me to do that. Like, seriously what? Yes, Girls from good families are only allowed to wear the Salwar suit types of dresses!
    {So, she don’t even have that much freedom to wear whatever she feels comfy with?)
  • She was drinking wine/beer. Girls from good families do not drink such things, they know their limits.
    {So, the one who drinks is out of her limits and which means you can just do whatever you want to do with her? Oh really! Did she just asked you about that?)
  • She was dancing in pub, all around with boys! Girls from good …. Whatever!
    {She is dancing with boys, she is hanging out with boys, she has boys as her friends, she feels good with boys than with anyone else! So what? Does this all mean that she is totally available for you?}

And this list has no end, these assholes can seriously come up with unlimited number of weird and pointless reasons which can make girl get blamed at the end.

Do you people have any idea about where do this all actually starts from? I mean about that entire rule thing for girls and boys! At home! Yes, your own home where families teach something which they are not supposed to. No, I am not here talking about some family at particular but here is the thing.

There are many of those families out there who comes out with that different ruling system among which some of them are to be followed by boys and maximum of them by Girls. You know what? We need to stop this! Stop making up such rules and teach both of them to behave equally and respectfully with no matter whom they meet at which time of the day!

Anyhow, here is the incident which actually made me talk over this thing, a clear cut shameful incident which happened at some street of Bangalore, getting one more city blacklisted for the safety of girls after Delhi, obviously!

Being an Indian, I am very much ashamed to share this but I think people need to know about some of the assholes that this country is holding within! -_-

And you know what is more of that thing to be surprised about? While these two jerks were misbehaving with the girl, people at the back were just being viewers and no one, literally no one even dared to stop all this from happening! Seriosuly, now this makes me wonder that whether people nowadays are just always looking forward to get an entertainment out fo everything! Shame on such people!

Anyways, Have you ever thought of some antidot to this thing which can just stop all this. I was just thinking over this and you know what, there is not actually any of that good a solution for this but to make people either learn about not to rape girls or kill them! Seriously!

At the end the only thing which can be said is Dear parents or family memebers, please tell your children to respect each other and do not, just do not make any such rules which clearly indicates some kind of distinction between girls and boys! They are equal, let them live equally! Make your daughter know about how they can protect themselves from those monsters out there, make your son know about how to protect each and every girl and not only their sisters from any kind of misbehaviour out there!

Please Stop this! We are not seriously proud of this part about India! Please!

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