And then Finally!

Girl with Dreams – Part III


That day, when she reached over there at the place where she actually didn’t want to be (her workplace), something was changed, everything was not looking like as it was the day before. Something was different that day, not in the outer world, but in that inside world of her.

She knew there was something wrong, she knew she is not meant to be there, she knew she has to leave one day, “I can’t take this anymore”, she finally murmured. But is this that final day to take a leave, is this that perfect time to kick off the whole career and walk over the path which she didn’t even planned yet?

Every one of us gets to experience this atleast once in our life. Isn’t it? Don’t we all get stuck in such situations when we have to choose between our career and dreams?

Okay let’s just take this to some different kind of path today, you tell me, what do you think the person should do in such situations? Look over the career and go on with job or just forget everything and move over the path which will take one towards the destination they always wanted to reach? Will be waiting for your answers, do share your views. 🙂



Hey guys, I don’t know how many times I have to do this but seriously sorry for not being consistent in this. Looking up for the reason? Well, its related to work and procrastination too (Trust me I hate myself for this.), but anyhow I’ll try my best to be active from now. Thank you for being so good. Lots of love to everyone <3

And for those who are new in here, please make sure to read those two previous parts of this story, maybe it will help you in understanding this in much better way. You can find them here on Part I and Part II.

Thankyou so much for being here. Take care and stay tuned 🙂

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