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Hey everyone! 🙂

This is me

About Me

This is Shifali Goyal. First of all, I am glad that you are here to know more about me. So, I would be trying my best to make myself clear to you. 🙂

I am the girl, whom you can anytime find in her home sitting on bed with laptop and doing tik tik tik tik 😉  An ambivert who is confused and weird and selfie-freak and in deep thoughts most of the time and obviously a dreamer forever, that’s me. 😀

About my Education

I am a degree holder in computer engineering but programming and I 😐 we both are like two parallel lines which are never meant to intersect each other, never! *giggles*

Professional Talks

Talking about my profession, I am a Freelance Writer, a content marketer and blogger. Though I am working on my blogging thing for now and Freelancing is been my source of bread for like 6 months or so now. In any case, if you are looking forward to hiring a freelance writer, then “Hello there, I am here”. I write on many of the niches like SEO, travel, fashion, content marketing and Histories too. Okay, there is a lot inside the bucket, which in order to know, you got to contact me here . I know, you must be looking forwrad to check my work first, here it is, My Portfolio. I will be looking forward to listen from you 🙂

My Website

Moving over this website, Stand-Up-Tri is among one of those ideas of mine which I really want to get committed to and put all of the efforts, as I already tried my hand in blogging thing earlier for like two times. But it didn’t work out so well. Though, if you want to have a look towards my, not so “public known” blogs, then move in here at CarryADream and Channel Shifali.

Don’t want to check them? It’s okay, they are actually too much terrible to give a look to 😛

Anyways, are you also the one who is too much eager to know about the story and concept behind the title of this blog? Because, Yes, there are many of those! And, what I am always saying to people in answer to this question is:

The title “Stand – Up – Tri” is actually based upon the idea of ability to stand up again when life pushes you back. As I already mentioned above that I have been lately working on two other blogs which somehow, didn’t work out so well (my carelessness can be counted as that major reason behind this). And so this blog, now a website, is another and third attempt towards making my dream take a shape of reality which defines whole of the meaning of title i.e. Stand Up 3. I hope, I am clear. If not! Then, maybe you should ping me up and have that sweet little conversation with me to learn better. No, I won’t mind in making you understand this 😉

About Stand – Up – Tri

This website here, at most talks about motivation and lifestyle, you must be knowing this already, if you ended up here after giving a read to any of my blog post; if not, it’s okay. I am sure you are going to give them a read for atleast once. Don’t forget to subscribe though 😛

I know, there are many of you who must be thinking that why am I writing over this, motivation or personality development(another better word to describe my writings) things, and not some serious stuff that may include fashion or food or maybe travelling. In answer to which all I can say is, you know I always wanted to do something different and while looking over those many different options to write on, you know, which can interest me, I only ended up with this motivation thing only. Though there are many things that I can write on and maybe I would start with someday. But making people feel good about themselves is something I am aspiring to do for now.

So, I just hope that you appreciate my presence here and enjoy my writings and and and before taking any step forward let me just tell you that maybe I can mistake somewhere in my writings; so please feel free to help me notice them. And to make you clearer, maybe you will not get to read from this blog on the daily basis (I am going to try my best) but whenever I’ll be posting I’ll be trying my best to serve an amazing read! So, in case you want to get notified about my new postings, you can subscribe to my website and get notified about my every day positings. 🙂 And you can also connect with me on my social channels, that you can find moving with you at the sidebar of blog or at the bottom (if on phone).

Social Links

Not able to find them? Forget it, Check it out here on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin and Pinterest. See you fellas there! 🙂

And Hope you enjoy being here! Feedbacks are highly appreciated. 🙂

Thank-you! 🙂

Lots of love, Shifali! <3

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